The Culinary Journey Begins


“Can I just get some macaroni and gravy?” – Paulie, “The Sopranos”

Lasagna with homemade sauce

Yes, it is a lasagna but, for me, it was a shining moment in my culinary adventure. At my Culinary Arts class, Chef Frank had demonstrated Sauce Bolognaise and how to make pasta dough. I took them home and decided to make lasagna.

George Brown had these big pasta making machines from Italy. However I bought a small, inexpensive one because I wasn’t sure I would be making pasta on a regular bases. I’ll tell you, once you have had freshly made pasta, you don’t want to go back to store bought. And the kneading of the dough brought another meditative cooking moment to my life.

I made extra dough and sauce to cover the large lasagna pan. I had some pasture raised beef patties I had got from Stone Horse Farms. And, for that green, leafy vegetable necessity, added spinach.

The pugs got to test the cheeses for taste and texture – Parmasean, Ricotta and Mozzarella.

kitchen pugs

To be able to go from whisking flour 00 and eggs, grating cheese, chopping onion to blending San Marzano tomatoes, layering, baking, savouring and eating – in my own kitchen, for the first time – was a thrill.

Bye, bye frozen pizza – hello dirty dishes.


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